Neal Patrick Martin

Neal was born in Oakland, Ca in 1951 and lived in the San Francisco bay area most of his life. After a move to Felton in 1984, he discovered the beauty of the Santa Cruz mountains, the beaches, and many other sights that often go unnoticed. He graduated from San Jose State University in 1975 with a bachelors degree in Psychology and earned a Television Production certificate from Laney College in Oakland. Although his degree is not in still photography, he has taken numerous courses and learned many techniques from books, videos, and colleagues.

The visual arts of photography and videography have been a life long passion. Neal has produced many industrial and commercial videos over the years and still volunteers at community television. He really began to develop his photographic skills while in the Navy during the Viet Nam war. Some of his photos of aircraft carrier flight decks, jets landing, and sights around Asia, have been published. Most of his work has been with still life and landscapes. He has always had his eyes on the stunning views, vistas, and creatures of the earth.

Although successful with portrait photography, it's the landscapes behind the subject that interest him most. Finding and using Unique and distinctive angles to view and photograph still life is his greatest interest. In 1991, he began to take a more serious interest in Aerial Photography. He has created portraits of many homes, businesses, and other properties viewed from above. Currently, he operates an aerial photography company called Sky-High Photography capturing views of various sights from Helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and a 50' telescoping pole-cam operated by computer from the ground. Clients include homeowners, realtors, developers, and other businesses interested in a “birds eye view”.

Neal is also trained in digital editing and uses those skills to correct, combine, or improve photographs. He is a photographic “purist” and believes that the photograph, in most cases, should reflect what the photographer saw. Now that digital photography is popular with the pros, images are often altered, over-saturated, or converted to composites. These practices are alright as long as the alterations are stated.

Neal walks and hikes around many of the local sights near his new home in Diamond Springs, CA., finding and photographing the beauty that is everywhere. Many local organizations have posted his photos online or have them hanging on walls. For more information or to book his services, contact information is noted below. Also, his Fine Art Photography is available here:

Neal Patrick Martin Photography
4380 Patterson Dr. #204
Diamond Springs, CA 95619